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Stemless Wine Glasses... To Use... Or Not To Use...

THAT is the question....

What?!? Stemless Wine Glasses?!? I think that most if not all true wine connoisseurs would be aghast at the idea of using one of these wine glasses.

Wine Making Course They seem to be a trendy item� something to make drinking wine more fun maybe. And as far as I am concerned � if wine drinking can be made more fun by drinking from a wine glass without a stem then I am all for it.

Of course� I have technically been drinking from one of these types of wine glasses for years� some people might call it a mason jar� a jelly jar� a canning jar� but I have decided that it is a stemless wine glass� who knew I was being trendy!! Some advantages of the stemless wine glasses:

They fit very well into the dishwasher

They are more difficult to knock over

They tend to be easier to store

The main disadvantage I think is that your hands tend to warm up the wine quickly.

I did see a set of stemless champagne glasses one time and thought they looked odd� the wine glasses kind of look more like a standard short whiskey glass maybe�

Bodum Stemless Champagne But the stemless champagne glass just looked like a regular champagne glass that had the stem broken off�

They do by the way come in all of the typical shapes and sizes that the stemmed versions come in. The shape of the glass is important in making sure that you get the most enjoyment out of each type of wine.

Either way� I think the stemless versions work nicely for casual wine drinking� and you can save your more sophisticated stemmed wine glasses for high class entertaining�.

My choice of which type of glass to use is usually made depending on the mood I am in� and which glasses happen to be clean at the time�

What do you think about stemless wine and stemless champagne glasses?

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