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Wine making kits make home made wine making easy!!

Thinking about wine making kits? Not ready to take the plunge and use fruit to make your wine? No problem! A wine kit can make your first adventure into home made wine making less stressful. Okay... even if it is your 103rd adventure it is still an adventure none the less.

I personally love wine making kits!! There are so many of them out there and so little time to try them all... but a girl can have dreams right?

The FIRST thing you will want to do is to clean and sanitize all of your equipment and hands. There are several good cleaners on the market.

A good oxygen based cleaner is B-Brite. If you prefer a chlorine-based cleaner then you can try C-Brite. Once you are done cleaning which will remove all of the visible dirt it is then time to sanitize. This will kill all the bacteria that can harm your wine. It is very disappointing to go through all of the work to make your wonderful home made wine only to find out that bacteria has ruined it.

So take the time to properly clean and sanitize. Sanitizing can be done with a sulfite solution made with either Potassium Metabisulfite or Sodium Metabisulphite. For sanitizing solution: Dissolve 1 to 2 oz. (2 to 4 tablespoons) Potassium Metabisulfite powder in one gallon of water. The only difference between the Potassium and the Sodium solutions is one is potassium based and the other sodium based. Both will work.

Keep some in a spray bottle for quick sanitization needs.

The nice thing about a kit is that it will have all of the necessary materials needed to make your wine all in one nice neat package.

Wine Making Course Okay... that is actually the WONDERFUL thing about a wine kit... You don't have to worry that you will be missing something or if you are me... forgot to pick something up. It will all be right there.

First (or rather second... after the whole cleaning thing) you will want to pour your juice from either the bag or can into your fermenting bucket, add whatever water they have recommended as well as any other flavorings that were included with your kit. This might be oak... or... hmmm... well... this is probably oak...

Now it is time to add your yeast and stir things up.

After 6 days you will "rack your wine" or transfer it to your carboy or fermenting bottle and attach your airlock.

After around 2 or 3 weeks (for exact times look at your instructions that came with your kit) you will add your stabilizing and fining agents.

Wait another week and rack the wine again if clarity is an issue otherwise you should be able to bottle your wine now. If you racked your wine wait another 2 to 3 weeks for the wine to clear up and then go ahead and bottle your wine.

I LOVE how simple and easy making wine with a wine making kit is!! The instructions will vary depending on the type of wine you are making as well as the company that you are buying the wine making kits from.

I am working on putting together a list of the companies that I like to deal with for my wine making kits. I will have them ready for you soon.

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