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Jelly Wine?!? Jam Wine?!? Are You Kidding Me?!?

Jelly Wine... Jam Wine... nope... not kidding you...

It really is amazing the things that you can make wine out of. I keep picturing people picking stuff up and wondering can we make wine out of this? How about this? What do you think about this? Will this ferment?? It makes me laugh to think about it...

Wine Making Course

Okay... so... how do we start?

The flavors of jelly/jam wine you can make are only limited by the flavors of jelly or jam on the grocery store shelf... and in my experience that is a pretty long shelf...

So pick out your favorite strawberry, raspberry, grape, peach... ooohhh or blackberry... mmmmmm.... whatever tickles your fancy.... and lets make wine!!!

Jelly Wine Recipe

3 pounds of Jelly or Jam

6 pints of Water

1 pound Sugar

2 tsp Acid Blend

1/8 tsp Tannin

1 tsp Nutrient

1 tsp Pectic Enzyme

1 pkg Wine Yeast

Starting Specific Gravity (S.G.) 1.095 - 1.100

Pour your delicious jelly or jam into your primary fermenter bucket and mix in your water.

Add all of your other ingredients including your yeast.

Cover your Primary Fermentor and wait for your S. G. to reach 1.040.

Rack your wine into your secondary fermentor or carboy and attach your airlock.

Continue fermenting until your S.G. has reached 1.000. This will take 3 - 4 weeks.

Rack your wine again into a clean carboy and reattach your airlock.

Rack your wine at least 3 times... with maybe 2 months inbetween each racking to aid in clearing.

You can go ahead and sweeten your wine before bottling if you wish.

Let wine set for about a year and a half before drinking...

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